Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We had a huge winter storm today! and we still do have it, it is going to end at 11:00 pm!!! We had so much fun in the snow today! We went out to the snow and we dived in it and we went and made our very own trails!!! It was so much fun. Then we came inside and changed into warm clothing, like sweatpants and sweaters! If you live in Maine, you'd know! We now have at least a foot of snow. I am so happy, tomorrow I am going back out again...:)
The best part about Winter is that it is white, cold, and beautiful. Over here when you look up and you can see the mountains, it is great! And it is in the Christmas Holiday. Now I love Christmas too, because of celebrating Jesus Christ's BIRTHDAY, and getting presents, the decorations, and about how joyful everyone is! The best way to get into the Holiday Spirit is to COVER your house (inside and out) with Lights, Christmas Ornaments, Bells, and even more. Seriously, they even have bedding that involves Christmas. And you can NEVER forget the Christmas Tree. If you have time, around December 16th-January 1st, go out for a walk into your neighborhood, and you should see some pretty lights. :) Give it a try, it's really fun.
Well guys, it's almost 5:00 PM down here. And DINNER is soon. I better clean up. I will post more a little later, though! So for now, just take this wish...

Have a great Christmas!!!

Joy, love, cheer!