Monday, December 14, 2009

How I do my hair.

I need a new haircut. But, I do my hair everyday in these steps, and you can too! So just follow these steps:

The New Emo Style.

Step 1. Okay so if your hair is long, you will need to go to a Hair Stylist and have it chopped off about 3, 4, or 5 inches. It should at least be shoulder legnth or down to your chest. If your hair is meduim or short, then do not cut it! Anyways, after she is done cutting your hair, ask her to layer the top of it. JUST THE TOP OF IT! You don't want her to layer the bottom of it. So just ask her to layer the TOP of it.

Step 2. After you get the Haircut, come home, and run your fingers through the top of your hair first, try to get it a little poofy using your fingers on the TOP of your head. If it's freezy, then bat it down a little bit. Use hairspray afterwoulds.

Step 3. Take a large plain black headband and put it halfway in your hair, so that way the front part of your hair is showing a little bit, but the rest is in the back.

Step 4. Comb your hair out and take a few fake hair peices, the colors should be blond, pink, blue, or black, and put them in your hair. Hide it in the headband.