Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tagged for the first time.

Okie Dokie! So I am new to Blogger and I may not do this right. But I followed the rules on Cori's blog! Cori tagged me. (As far as I know, my name is Sharayah, so LOL) thank you, Cori!
Okay so I believe you have to tell 7 things people don't know about you? Alrightie, then! Let's do this!

1. I am Five Foot and Two Inches now.
2. I write QUOTES. I like compassion quotes. And Christianty quotes...yes yes. I am odd.
3. I am obsessed with EMAILING and FACEBOOK! Seriously, I go on Facebook and Email WAY more often then I make one single phone call!!!
4. I have only been on Blogger for about five or six weeks. LOL I know right. I will never fit in *sniffle* I am known as the 'New Blog'. Hahaha.
5. I'm obsessed with the Wii. Wii sports and Wii Play are my favorite games to play. No litteraly, they are. I love it.
6. I don't judge people. If they look scary, well then does that mean they ARE scary? no.If they have a broken nose and nasty face, they can't help it.
7. I am obsessed with PLAID things.

Anywho. And as I read the instructions, you have to Tag 7 people. I will tag all my followers and some of the people I'm following. Considering I still don't have 7 followers. LOL. Here's who I will tag:

Cori (Cori's blog)

Moriah (Fingers of grace)

''Always winter but never Christmas...''

Sammy (Sammysleuth)

The cowgirls (The trails of Tennessee)

Maggie (Behind the teen scene)

Ummm and can I tag myself for the last? LOL I don't follow and have enough followers. Sorry. Anyway, this THANK YOU goes to CORI for tagging me. And ecpesially for the first time. Really appreciate it. I just need to get better at this site. Thank you!