Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

Hi guys!
I went to Church today, then went to Youth Group at 5PM. I love it there! Me and my BFF's (Jazzemine and Denise) played AIRHOCKEY and POOL. Then we sat together and listened to Pastor Pencil (yah thats his real name lol) jibber jabber. Guess what? It's his 49th birthday tomorrow! And ALL of us kids had to get up on stage, and one of the Thrive (the name of our youth group) workers took a picture of all of us. Only guess what? I looked suckish. My lips were all puckery and I had a Twilight Tee shirt on...hopefully they won't put THAT in a frame where everyone can see it! LOL. Thank God I was standing by Denise...Glory.
They also made us sing 'Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Dear Pencil, HAAAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU''. Woot!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I am done!

Yeah, it's terrible. And you can barely see the words. But I tried my best :P.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Teen Girl Daybook...hehehehe.

I'M SORRY! I know I said I'd be doing this every single Friday but I am gonna make that daily, afterall it is 'DAYbook'...I'm bored and yeah it's too much fun. Oooh Sharayah has become addicted to blogger :O Heh what can I do? Do you know any kids that stay up at 10PM blogging? Dunno. Anyway. LOL. Here:

Date... January 30th 2009.

Starting time... 10:54 PM.

Mood... Hyper.

Outside my window... Dark and snowy.

I'm thinking... BOOKS!!!

I'm reading... EVERYTHING! lol

I'm listening to... the fan behind my bed.

I'm wearing... pink and blue pajamas.

Yesterday, I... stayed home.

I'm excited for... Church!

I'm sad because... I miss someone....

I'm hungry for... chips

The song stuck inside my head is... Cassie-Flyleaf.

I want... CLOTHES!!!

I love... books.

I loathe... nothing.

This week, my goal is... to get new books.

Did I meet last week's goal?... no goal, just boringgg.

Ending time... 1O:56.

Any ideas?.

Hey guys.
So tomorrow I'm clearing off my whole shelf of books (Oh Lordy, I read them all!) and I am off to Borders to buy new books. I dunno. I don't really care what I read, as long as it's interesting. I might just go into the Young Adult section and toss random books into the cart. LOL that's how much of a Bookworm I am!
But any of you guys know any interesting fiction books for maybe like Young Adults or something...? I'm in the tenth grade reading level, so I pretty much can read alot of things.
Thanks to anyone that helped me. You're the best! :D


AM NOT!!! lol.

I'm the funny one!!!! Yay!!!

Prizes for every single one of my followers.

Hi guys! I have some prizes for my lovely followers. :D. Okay, so here's the deal. I give you your prizes, you guys take the pic I gave you, and put it on your blog! Kay? Here we go!:

Cori: Your prize is the golden retriever with her tongue sticking out. Puppy number 1! Put her on your blog. Please and thank you.

Tsavah: Your prize is the 2 white kittens together. Twin kitties! Put that pic on your blog. Please and thank you.

SammySleuth: Hey Sammy. Your prize is the orange kitten. Yay, cute! Put that pic on your blog. Please and thank you.

The cowgirls: Hey cowgirls! Your prize is the white, black, and orange kittens in the feild together. Take this pic and put it on your blog. Please and thank you!

Moriah: Hey Moriah. Your prize is the orange kitty sitting on a pillow. Take this pic and put it on your blog. Please and thank you.

Rachel: Hey Rachel. Your prize is the puppy sitting down with headphones in it's ears. Take this pic and put it on your blog. Please and thank you.

Bleah<3Briann<3: Hey Bleah. Your prize is the wrinkly brown puppy near the ending. Cute, huh? Take this and put it on your blog. Please and thank you.

And the last 2 pics are sample pics! You can take them and put them on your blog, too. Haha. Well if I forgot anyone...let me know in my comments...I shal post your prize later!!!!

Prizes for every single one of my followers.

Emma and Cori: Guys, these are your prizes! Emma, the prize for you is the puppy in the tuxedo right below this post! Cori, the prize for you is the wrinkly cute brown puppy! Please take your prize and post it on the side of your blogs! Thank you!

Tagged for the...second time?

SammySleuth tagged me I think! She left out the H in my name....but that's okay!!! My name can be hard to memorize and spell! Hahaha. Thanks SammySleuth!

Do you like chocolate?
DUHHH! Love it!

Can you climb trees?

What continent would you like to visit?
I like America right now!!! Hehe.

What chinese year were you born?
The Year of the Rabbit.

Are you a terrible artist?
Hmmm. Depends.

List three movies you can't stand?
Chicken Little, Meet the robinsons, and for the last one...don't know. LOL.

Do you like to get up early or sleep late?
SLEEP LATE! lol I'd sleep all day!

What are some of your favorite books?
Twilight, Bible, Mandie Series.

Have you ever seen the star wars movies?
Yes but I was like 8 years old...

List three of your favorite star wars characters:

Do you like to play or listen to music?

Are you big into sports?
I love Tennis and Swimming.

Do you read a lot?

Have you ever had a caption contest on your blog?
Ummm, what's that?

Do you sing a lot?
Only in the shower!!! Hahahahahahahahaha.

Alright! I will tag:


Okay....thanks for tagging meeeee!

~Sharayah. <3 <3 <3

Oh, Glory to God! It's Saturday!

Hello to all!

First of all. I want to thank ALL of my new followers- and old ones!- and my lovely sister for helping me. (No really, I love you guys! :P) has been ALOT of fun! We went out shopping and we went to Texas Road House. Yum, yum!
Anyway. Happy Saturday! Hahahaha tomorrow is Sunday. Church and Youth Group! Yayayayayayay! I know I'm crazy about Sundays. Love em'!
Ooooh. And did I mention the Dance on the 12th of Febuary? My Dad STILL hasn't gotten the tickets! Ahhh! Hopefully he's not too late to get them!
Hmmm...and did I mention today's favorite food? MUSHROOOOOOOMS!
Oh my gosh! I'm serious. Sure it's a fungus. But a edible fungus. LOL. Mmmmm, how many of you like mushrooms? Today at texas road house my Mom had mushroom and onions smothered all over her juicy steak....but me? I just had chicken fingers and fries. LOL. Ooooh and rasberry iced tea. I know right, I'm so full right now!
I just realized that I have a obsession with blogger. Hahahaha looks like I won't be leaving my blog anytime soon! Not plannin' on it, sorry!
Wow. Does my blog today even make sense? I talked about Church, Saturday, Texas Road House, Followers, and my Obsession With Blogger. Hmmm and did I mention I read 5 books last night? Well. Yeah. I'm a bookworm :O Help!!!!!! lol.
I feel energetic....:P. But that is why I'm awesome!


~Sharayah <3 <3 <3

Friday, January 29, 2010

Chat Box! New and official!

Hey guys!!!

Do you want to chat or leave a question or message? I may not be on, but I will get back to you VERY soon! Okay. So look to the right on my blog and in the sidebar you should see a box. Type in your email and name (or nickname) and then type in your message! Then I will recieve it, and I will get back to you. Kay? So please please please leave a message! As many as you'd like, atchually :).

Chat me up!


Teen Girl Daybook.

Want to do the Teen Girl Daybook? Find out how here

Date...January 29th 2010.

Starting time...1:40 pm.

Mood...Happy; hyper.

Outside my window...Sunnyish.

I'm thinking...Church.

I'm reading...Twilight.

I'm listening to...The TV; guitar hero music.

I'm leggings, black shirt, black jacket, black ugg boots.

Yesterday, I...did nothing.

I'm excited for...the Dance.

I'm sad because....nothing.

I'm hungry cream.

The song stuck inside of my head is...Fully Alive by Flyleaf.

I want...a pop belly pig.

I life.

I hate...Demons.

This week, my goal smile, laugh, and have fun.

Did I mention last weeks goal? watch TV.

Ending time...1:45 PM.

There, guys!
Just so you know. I will be doing 'Teen Girl Daybook' every single Friday now. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!


Song Guess.

Hi guys.

I'm playing this game called ''Song Guess'' the trick is I post a few song quotes on here, give you guys my email, you email me with YOUR guess of the artist and song name, and then sometime the next week I post it on my blog and see who wins. Whoever wins earns a prize! (A prize that you shal love :D)
And so the game begins!

GUESS IT: ''And when it rains on this side of town it searches everything. Just say it again and mean it, we don't miss a thing. You made yourself a bed at the bottom of the blackest hole and convinced yourself that is not the reason you don't see the sun anymore''.

GUESS IT: ''The question asked in order to save her life or take it. The answer no to avoid death, the answer yes would make it. Do you believe in God? Written on the bullet. Say yes to pull the trigger''.

GUESS IT: ''Hey Lucy I remember your name. Left a dozen on your grave today. I'm on my knees in the grass, wipe the leaves away. I just came to talk for a while, I got some things to say''.

GUESS IT: ''God, I want to dream again, take me where I've never been. I wanna go there, this time I'm not scared. Now I am unbreakable, it's unmistakable. No one can touch me, nothing can stop me''.

GUESS IT: ''Telling Layla's story spoken. Bout' how all her bones are broken. Hammer's fallen all to peices. Two months in the cover creases. Fully alive, more then most, ready to smile and love life. Fully alive, and she knows how to believe in futures''.

Email me at and tell me your guess for the Artist and Name of these songs! You have until February 15th to guess and email me your answer. On February 15th (if I got the guesses) I will post your answers and blogs and see who wins. Whoever wins will earn a prize they can put on there blog. So what are you waiting for? Guess and then email! I check my email daily so I will get your emails. It's pretty simple to win. And if all of you got a tye, then all of you win!


Time' to play ten questions!

Hey Hey Hey!
Whats up???
Amanda emailed me some questions :P
So now I have to answer them

(1) What is your favorite candy?: CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

(2) Do you like wearing a dress?: It depends...for a Dance I like really casual dresses and for Parties, no....or for Church, double no....LOL.

(3) What is your worst fear?: Spiders :O.

(4) What are your favorite months?: Hmmm...April, July, Augest, and October.

(5) What are your favorite days?: Wednesday. Friday. Saturday. Sunday.

(6) Is your Church really Casual or really Dressy?: Really Casual :P.

(7) Are you homeschooled?: DUH. lol.

(8) Who are your BFF's?: Jenny, Ayame, Denise, Sillest, Jazzemine, Victoria.

(9) How old are you?: Almost eleven but I act older. :D. haha.

(10) What is your favorite season?: SUUUUUUUUUUMMER!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

75 days of Birthday!

Hey guys!
Okay. So my birthday is this upcoming April 16th. I thought of something fun to do. I figured I would have a 75 days of Birthday for me. It starts this Monday (February 1st) and I'll be counting down the days for my birthday everyday and stuff. Yeah.
So yeah. Don't forget the '75 days of Birthday' starting this Monday. Read it, read it, read it! Please and thank you.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New blog!

Hey Bloggers!
How's it going?
I'm here to tell you guys something...a surprise...drum roll, please
(Drum roll)
I have a brand new blog! Not exactly a blog. It's a song and quote blog. You see, I love to write songs and quotes. So I made a blog for it!
Here is the link.
So, if you guys could. Just please stop by and follow it. And if you don't have a blogger account, then just read it or comment on it. Just select anonymous. I'd love it if you followed both of my blogs!
Love you all!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My 100th post!!!...101th post, I mean! Haha.

My 101th post!!!!!!
Can you believe it?
I'm so awesome!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Imperfect. Yay!

This is my first song!!! Yes, I know it's very bad. But it's my FIRST song, so don't be mean. Woot! I'm awesome. LOL Im kidding. AMANDA DID MOST OF IT! WOOT THANKS AMANDA! LOVE U!


Can't see what's going on among me
Can't walk the floors that's under me
Keep on walking in my sleep
Drounding in these lies, I'm far too deep
Losing my heart and my love again
Losing friends, gaining enemies
I'm tripping over nothing but my own feet
Nothing to do but look inside of me

My heart, my soul, it's out of control!
My love, my Faith, it's screaming to You!
Once again, I'm blinded and going deaf again
Trying not to hear myself speak
I can't see, so I'm stumbling into these trees
And Your up there looking down at me
(Oh, oh)

I woke up this morning
Too late for School and missed the bus
Looks like I burnt my own toast again
I'm stuck home and I'm losing my mind again
Too lazy, nothing else to do
So where do I go? Who do I run to?
I run to You
Your mine, I'm Yours

My heart, my soul, it's out of control!
My love, my Faith, it's screaming to you!
Once again, I'm blinded and going deaf again
Trying not to hear myself speak
I can't see, so I'm stumbling into these trees
And Your up there looking down at me
(Oh, oh)

If you only knew how much I love Him
My God, my Creator
The One I know
The One that knew me
Jesus died for me
It took me so long to realize that all this time was wasted so long
I didn't see the light
And now it shines so bright
Can you see it shining through me?

No mean comments. My friend helped with this too. I'm looking for advice, not judgemental rude comments! Thanks.

Too hyper to sleep. :P.

Guys, this truly sucks!!!
Excuse my craziness in this post mainly because I ate TOOOOO much Sugar!!! Hehehe and guess what? It's almost 11:00 PM over here and I have Church and Youth Group tomorrow! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'M TOO HYPER TO SLEEP!
Well...first of all...I had too much sugarrrr! I also have eaten alot I just read this exciting book that has me all hyper and exited! TOO HYPER!
I'm serious, you guys, I imagined it to be raining laptops. OOOOOOOH! THAT WOULD BE SO COOOOOOL!
I CANT HELP MYSELF! I'm a nutshell right now! I'm feeling so crazy...
can't calm down.
need more energy drinks and cookies.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What plaid goes gooooooooooooooooood with.

Hey, dudes!
Whats up???
Woot! :P
Fashion Tip, anyone???
Are you a fan of plaid???
Well. I am.
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo here is a fashion tip. Plaid tops go great with skinny jeans and flats :P. Plus, they go good with black leggings and converse. Or ripped jeans and boots. YEAHHHHHHH. Now that's the style! :P :P :P

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Top ten Christian songs.

Cassie (Flyleaf): ''Do you believe in God? Written on the bullet. Say yes to pull the trigger.''

Unbreakable (Fireflight): ''God, I want to dream again, take me where I've never been.''

I'm sorry (Flyleaf): ''I am aware, of what you mean by then. I'm only ten years old''.

Fire (Krystal Meyers): ''I'm on fire, what a beautiful sight to see, I'm on fire''.

Lucy (Skillet): ''Lucy, I remember your name. Left a thousand roses, on your Grave today''.

Comatose (Skillet): ''Comatose...I'll never wake up without a over dose of you''.

Sorrow (Flyleaf): ''Sometimes life seems to quiet into paralyzing silence''.

God (Rebecca St. James): ''Can you touch, can you feel? It's God, it's God''.

Justice and Mercy (Flyleaf): ''JUSTICE and Mercy, JUSTICE and Mercy, the depth of us created for.''

Breathe Today (Flyleaf): ''You can only move, as fast as, who's in front of you''.

Monday, January 18, 2010

One day late! But that's okay. Monday Blog!

Hey, world!
How's it going?
Good, you think. How about you?
The answer to that question is...
LoL. I'm in a really good mood right now. 10:38 PM on Monday (YES I know, one day late from Sunday! But that's okay) of January 18th 2010.
Anyway, I'm so happy because... drum roll, please (drum roll)
Tomorrow at exactly 2:15 PM I am going to the Eye Doctors to get my eyes and NEW prescription for my eyes done! Then Wednesday I'm going to pick out new glasses! (I will post pics once I get them)
LOL. Oh, and most of my friends ask ''Why do you always post on Sundays?''.
Well, Sundays are one of my favorite days. Church, Youth Group, and I consider it the 'Lord's Day' I don't know why. I just do. And, secondly, that's just the time when I usually post! Not all the time. But mostly. Yeah.

And yeah. School's good. Just frustrating!

Bless you all.


P.S. I may not make you wait til' this upcoming Sunday for my regular blog post. I will post Tuesday (January 19th 2010) to tell you how my Eye'Doctors appointment went. Kay? Bye, you guys! Have a Blessed week, and, yeah, be careful in the Snow (Dude, I live in Maine, it's like 3 feet of snow over here...maybe a liiiittle more :/) stay warm! I'll be checking out all my followers AWESOME recent blogs! Again, stay warm! Bye!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Promises to pledge.

God is my leader, and I will follow him.
Love is in my heart, and I will allow it.
Faith is something I shall recieve greatfully.
Believe until you find out the answers.

Anyway, I know I usually post on Sundays. Buuuut it wouldn't hurt for me to post on Friday, and then another on Sunday, right?
Love u guys!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Everything and anything.

Yes!!! It's Sunday!!! And you know what that means? BLOGGING TIME!
Anywhoooo. I know it's been sooooo long! But this week has driven by for me. :P so today we went to Church/Youth Group. Yep, that's it.
Okay, so what to blog about now? Hmmm. Well, today I have something fun. My friend was quizzing me the other day. And it's called...
''Unleash your secret''.
This quiz is so fun. And you have my permission to steal it and do it on your blog too. LOL. Well. Happy reading! :P.

1. Do you sleep with a special stuffed animal?: Yesh, indeed I do. A bunny that I call 'Bun Buns'. I know. But in your face because I ruleeee! Yeaaaaah! LOL Im kidding. But seriously. GO BUNNY! (LoL)

2. Have you ever been baptised?: Nope and I love not being able to get wet :P. but I still love Goddddd! Duh!

3. Have you ever cut you hair?: YES!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA. I WAS FIVE YEARS OLD AT THE TIME! SEE HOW BRAVE AND EVIL I WAS??? lol *evil laugh*

4. D0 you wear socks with sandles?: Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Noooo!

5. Have you ever kissed a guy?: Mmmm. LOL okay well no I havent. But I wanna kiss my crush :P.

6. What is the name of your BIGGEST Crush?: Jordan.

7. How old do you act in private?: You mean, like, in my bedroom or something? About 5.

W00T! Those were quite odd questions. Anyway. I have the best news EVA'!!!! This January 19th, I will be going to the Eye Doctor to get my eyes tested! Then on the 20th I will be shipped off to the Eye Glasses shop and grab a pair of glasses. Then soon I will get to go and get my glasses! Not that you care or anything. lol.

OH, OH, OH! DID I MENTION MY NEW HAIRCUT? DID IIII? lol anyway, I'm going to be getting this so cool haircut. I'm going to have a long full fringe (bangs straight across my face), a few inches cut off (NOT THAT MUCH! ONLY ABOUT 4 INCHES!), long layers (layer layer layer! ), tapered (short on the top, long in the back :P), and last but not least, WHISKS! (cute peices of hair whisked in) Once I get it done, I 'll show you a pic of it, kay?

Okay. Yadadadadada. I suppose you'll be blinded if you read anymore of this. But, I'm going to make you read farther! hehehehehehe I'm so nice, you know?
ANYWAY. I have a new 'January' tagline now! Here it is:

January 2010 tagline.
''I love my enemies''.

You think ''Why do you love your enemies?''. Well, there are many reasons to love your enemies!
Reason one: God wants you to love everything (THAT INCLUDES THE PEOPLE THAT JUDGE YOU AND HATE YOU, BUT YOU DONT HATE BACK!!!!!! :P) so if you dont love your enemies...LOOOOOOVE THEM.
Reason two: They make you stronger. They call you a fat mean idiot, and inside you boil up and beat them down. :P. lol no Im kidding, seriously, I am.

Mwala. That isn't exactly 'many' reasons but whatever.
Well, anyway, love you guys!!!


''I love my enemies''.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Telling you about everything :D.

Ahhh! Sunday was great! Well, we couldn't go to the Morning Service because it was SOOOOOOOO SNOWY that day. But we did go to Youth Group! We left at about 4:00, and arrived at about 4:30. We sat in the hallway at the benches, and then the Sign Up people came in and flicked the lights on, soooo yeah. We signed ourselves into Youth Group (Thrive) and we ordered our food. I got Spicy Chicken Burger, Coke, and Sun Chips! We all sat together but I got to sit at a table alone with my BFF (Denise) my sister (Ashley) annnnnd my sister's friend (Jazzemine) you see, when the lights flicker at our Youth Group, it means the little kids have to go upstairs (for ages 3-9 they have this thing upstairs for little kids to stay at well the older ones are downstairs at the real youth group) so then Jazzemine and Ashley had to go upstairs. Me and Denise are too old to go upstairs to the Little Kid Youth Group now so we stay downstairs. After eating, we walked around the place and waundered to the game room. We played a game of Air Hockey in the game room. Until one of the workers said ''Young Ladies, time to get done'' so we had to go. Me and Denise sat in the front of the place. A worker gave us a worksheet (they give you the answers on the screen at our Youth Group) and we sang for about thirty minutes with the Youth Singers, then we prayed, listened to the Youth Pastor talk, sang again, prayed once again, did our papers, and then we left at about 7:30? This is what we do EVERY Sunday for Youth Group. Eat, play games, hang out with friends, listen to the Youth Pastor talk, sing, pray, ect... BUT guess what?
Me and Denise were passing notes and didn't pay much attention to the Pastor talking...hehehe...sooooo now we have to pay more attention. Before I get my butt kicked :/.

Yuck! I absoloutly HATE Monday's. But oh well. It was the first day of School, so I had to spend a hour doing booooring School and then that was it. We sat around the house, ate, watched TV...Yeah. Monday's at my house are not exactly 'fun'. The worst part is, I couldn't sleep in! I had to get up at 9:30 AM! Wah wah wah!

Basically the same as Monday....

This was a little funner! I got to sleep in, spend a hour doing Schoolwork. But then we went Food Shopping for, like, three hours. Then just me and my mommy left and we bought some leggings, drinks, food, ect... the best part is, we got to talk!!! We also went to the bank...even though the bank isn't all that 'fun'. LOL.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Outfit of the week 1.

Pants: Long jeans (I mean SUPER long ones, the type that go below your feet!) that are dark wash. Size 2 in ladies.

Shirt: Long plaid button up shirt. Blue and black plaid. A really small 1 in ladies.

Shoes: Cream colored flats with jewlery on them.

Outfit of the week.

Hi guys!
So I was thinking about Fashion lately. And I figured something AWESOME like 'Outfit of the week' would be awesome! But your thinking 'What the BLEEP is Outfit of the week?'. Well, the answer to that question is: As you know I love clothing. I wear different types of shirts, pants, shoes, ect each week. So I was thinking about taking the best outfit I wore from the week and putting it as 'Outfit of the week' every Saturday/Sunday on my blog! Sound good?

Thought I might do this :).

RULE: USING ONLY ONE WORD - Not as easy as you might think- answer the following questions.

1- Where is your cell phone?: Livingroom.
Significant other?: ???
Your mother?: Upstairs.
Your father?: Upstairs.
Your favorite thing?: God.
Your dream last night?: Different.
Your favorite drink?: Soda.
What room are you in?: Bedroom.
Your hobby?: Sleeping
Your fear? Devil
Where do you want to be in 6 years? HighSchool
Where were you last night? Home
Something that you aren't? Mad
Wish list item? Clothes
Last thing you did? YouthGroup (I'm a cheater! lol)
What are you wearing? Pajamas
TV? Off
Name one of your pets: Jack
Friends? Awesome
Your life? Fun
Your mood? Happy
Missing someone? Yup
Drinking? Juice
Your car? Driveway
Something you're not wearing? Shoes
Your favorite store? HotTopic
Your favorite color? Purple
When is the last time you cried? Yesterday
Where do you go to over and over? Church
My favorite place to eat? LongHorn
Favorite place I'd like to be at right now? Church.

I tag: Any one who wants to do it!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year.!.!.!

Yeah I know I haven't posted in a while but, here is my first January post! Can you believe it? My VERY first January post! Oh, how happy I am!
I know, sadly, we have nothing to look forward to. EXCEPT for the upcoming dance this February and VALENTINES DAY. Oh and we have Summer, too! There are some things to look forward to.
2010 should be a good year!
Too late to say 'Merry Christmas' :(
That's okay. It'll be here before ya know it!
Anyway. Have a happy 2010, all!
Post soon!