Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Please follow me.

Hey guys,
I put my Follower Thing back up and I encourage you to follow me! I always follow back. Because I only have 2 followers :( We really need NEW followers so follow this blog ONLY. The other blogs I do NOT use. So only follow the blog you are reading right now, kay? I also very much promise you that I WILL follow you back. I promise.
So, could you please tell people about my Blog and ask them to follow it?
And could you please follow my blog (I follow back!)?
And could you read my blog posts please? (I'll always read yours!)
Thank you guys. And remember, if you do this, then keep in mind that, even though I don't know you well, that you are a Blessing to me. Leave as MANY Comments as you'd like. It is my Goal to reach 30 followers by January 15th. Can anyone help me with that? I know you can do it. Help me and I will help you! Please guys, I really really really need the help. So here's how it goes:

1. You hit the 'Follow' button on the blog you are reading now ONLY.

2. I accept your Follow on this 'Love at first bite' blog ONLY.

3. I follow YOU back.

I do promise! But remember. ONLY on this blog. The other blogs I don't use. So just please, follow this and help me out! I will help you back, promise! I will love you forever if you follow me. Help me reach 30 followers by January 15th. I know you can help me. So please, help me out. I'll follow you back.