Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Questions from my Friends.

1. Question: What is the best part about Christmas? Answer: I think the best part is that you get to celebrate Jesus Christ's birthday! And you get gifts, get to have Christmas dinner, and see all the decorations! It is just too much fun.

2. Question: What do you buy to get into the Christmas Cheer? Answer: Well I buy EGG NOG, decorations, turkey, and all that. It is so yummy! We also buy Christmas Movies too.

3. Question. What do you do on Christmas? Answer: Okay so we usually get up between 5:00 am or 6:30 am, wait for our parents to wake up, we then open our gifts!!! they also take pictures of us opening our presents. After that, we play around with our gifts for a while, then we invite people over for Christmas Dinner, we eat Turkey, Egg Nog, everything you can have! I'll tell you about it once Christmas Day comes!

4. Question: Do you have a hard time sleeping on the night of Christmas Eve? Answer: YES! The normal time I fall asleep is like 2:00 am or 3:00 am. But I usually end up staying up until 3:30 or 4:00. LOL and sometimes I don't get sleep at all!

5. Question: What do you think about on Christmas Eve? Answer: I think excitedly about what I am going to get the next day!

6. Question: Do you like Christmas Music? Answer: YES! what's Christmas with no Christmas music?

7. Question: What do you want for Christmas? Answer: Well I want PLAID clothing, a pair of Ugg boots, Beanie Boots, iPod Touch, clothing, shoes, Twilight stuff, jewelry, ect... LOL!

8. Question: Will you post a blog about your Christmas? Answer: YES! Ofcourse I will! If everyone else is sharing there joyful Christmas, I'll share mine, too!

9. Question: Has your parents already gone Christmas shopping yet? Answer: Not that I know of yet. They will be gone all day December 18th and December 19th though Christmas shopping :D

10. Question: What do you do to keep yourself entertained on the night of Christmas Eve? Answer: Well considering I can BARELY sleep on Christmas Eve Night, I have things to keep me entertained. Well I go on my LAPTOP, but after hours of just staying on my laptop I get bored, so then I grab a good LONG book and try to finish it, I also don't look at the clock (because then it feels like the night's dragged on) then I try to write a story. OR I choose out a outfit for tomorrow, and I try different outfits on. LOL yeah.

11. Question: What movies do you watch on Christmas? Answer: Christmas movies, duh!

12. Question: What does your pet get for Christmas? Answer: Ummmm my dog gets a bone, but the rest of my pets don't get anything :/.