Saturday, December 19, 2009

Telling ya about everything this week and UPDATE.

Yes! It's almost December 20th and I still haven't written anything in my Blog yet. Ah. well again, I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and well, tada!
Okay so yesterday was really fun. My mom and dad left to go to a Dessert Hall at our Church and my Grandma got to stay home with us! We took turns playing the Wii Sports with my Grandma, watched TV, and we ate. Today was even more fun! Today my parents left all day to go CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! Yes, yes, I know! Exciting! And my Grandma came again. She brought perfume and fudge and peanut butter balls. I got to eat all the fudge and peanut butter balls though...LOL. After that we had french toast. I had at least 8 toast! Then we played Wii for a while and watched the Madea movies, all three of them! We had dinner, aswell. I had Molasses and Biscuits with Grape Juice, the rest of them had pizza!
Oh, oh, oh, how fun. And tomorrow we have Church and Youth Group. i loveeee it. well guys. OH AND BTW! About the UPDATE. Yes, I'm sure you've ALL heard about my '25 days of Christmas countdown' fun thing. If you haven't, then scan through my blog posts, you'll find it. i forgot to do that, well after a few more blog posts (I do have alot to say!!! :D) I will post a new one.
well I love ya all.
merry CHRISTmas.
***Posted at 9:42 PM on Saturday, December 19th 2009***