Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Countday: 25 days of Christmas. Day 15.

Yes! Day 15 to 25 days of Christmas :D. Only 10 more days to go. I am so excited! Well, here ya go:

Christmas Quote.
Christmas is the time where joy is in the air, love is in your heart, and friendship is all around!''.

Christmas Song.
Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley.

Stocking Stuffers.
mm, well you could try some goodies! Like, try candy and a few books.

Christmas Symbol.
oday, the Christmas Symbol of the 15th day of Christmas is ALWAYS the 'Forest Tree'. Why the Forest Tree? Because the Forest Tree stands for Jesus Christs Life. This is why most of us HAVE a Christmas Tree!

Christmas Color.
he Christmas Color today is GREEN. Green stands for Eternal Life with God. Just as Red stands for Jesus's Blood. But today, Green, Green, Green!

Christmas Joke.
veryone was gathered around the tree, the little girl opened her present and saw a doll staring back at her. She frowned, and threw it at the window, upset.
''What's wrong, love?'', her mother asked the little girl, ''I thought that doll was what you wanted''.
''It is'', the little girl said sadly, ''but it's just that, you and daddy spent to much money''.
Her father and mother stared back at her, confused.
''Listen'', she said, ''I've been a bad girl...I've been reading my sisters diary...I got an F on my Math test...and I kicked-''.
''Honey'', her mother cut her off, ''we really didn't spend that much''.
The little girl glanced at her parents. Big mistake! ''...Oh...'', she said.