Friday, December 18, 2009

Random Questions from friends.

1: What do you REALLY want for Christmas?: Uh I want an iTouch...and a jacket that says 'I love vampires' across it. Yeah I know. I'm simple :D. OH and Ugg Boots! Yeah!!!

2: Is your tree up and decorated?: HECK YEAH!!!!!! There is an Angel on top. :D.

3: What are your Christmas Colors?: Red or Green (not together), Silver or Gold, Pink and Green...

4: Do you know what your getting for Christmas?: Yeah I know some of the things but not all. My mom is teasing me about now I cannot wait.

5: What do you do to make Christmas Day come faster?: Well last time I just waited. This time I am reading Twilight AGAIN and trying to get into the Christmas Spirit...yeah :D. oh and writing keeps me busy too. AND SLEEP! AND THE WII!

6: What do you do on Christmas?: Uh I already answered this. Well me and Curtis (my brother) get up and wait, then when the other kids get up they wait. Five minutes later, parents come downstairs. We open our presents, they take pictures. Then we have Family and Christmas Dinner :D.

7: What is the best day on Christmas Week (becides Christmas Day)?: Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8: Do you know what your siblings are going to get for Christmas?: Yeah.

9: Whats the best Christmas Movie?: Ummm idk I don't really watch much.