Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Countdown: 25 days of christmas. Day 14.

Day 14 for to the 'Christmas Countdown' now!!! We only have 10 more days to go. CAN'T WAIT!!! Now time for Day 14 to begin!!!

Christmas Quote of the day.

''Christmas stands for three words. Family, Friends, Fun. Happy Birthday, Jesus Christ!''.

Christmas Song of the day.

A Christmas song by Flyleaf.

Stocking Stuffer Items.

Try some some Candy Canes, a Christmas ornament, a card, and some small games.

Christmas Symbol of the day.

A leaf. Simple. A leaf. You want to know why? Okay, well the Christmas Colors are red and green, right? A leaf is usually green. Plus I hear people use leaves to decorate sometimes. Yes, a leaf stands for love and friendship. And that is what we want to share on the 4th day of Christmas!!!

Christmas Color of the day.

Okay, the Christmas Color of the day is RED. Your probably thinking 'Why red?' but I'm sure you've never thought of this before! Christmas is Jesus's Birthday, right? You know that Jesus Christ died on the Cross for our sins, right? Well he shedded his blood SO. Red stands for Jesus's Blood! We are thankful for Jesus Christ for giving up his life and then rising from the dead again. What can I say? Thank you Jesus! Plus, it means 'Love and affection' :).

TRUE Story of Christmas of the day.

This family had lost there home. They even lost there own puppy in a fire! They didn't have enough money to buy there children toys, so the children were upset that they would have a terrible Christmas. So this young man found out the news and called the Shelter, realizing they only had a few toys left. He tried to buy little things for the family, and spread the word around, that got alot of people jumping in and helping. Someone with money even got them a new puppy! They all thought they would have a bad Christmas, but instead, they had a Merry Christmas.

Christmas Joke of the day.

Why was Santa's helper deppressed?
Because he had low 'Elf' esteem.

Christmas History of the day.

It is claimed that Tom Smith, a baker of wedding cakes from London, invented the Christmas cracker probably in the 1840's. On a visit to Paris he saw some sugar almonds [bon-bons] wrapped in twisted paper. On his return to England Tom designed a cracker shape; also inspired by the sound of logs crackling in a fire, and founded a cracker manufacturers in 1847, which still exists today - possibly the largest manufacturer in the world.