Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Countdown Day 2.

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Oh my gosh! Is it really DAY 2 of Christmas Countdown already? Only 14 more days to go, loves! Well guys, today I am more wide awake so that means more fun! Today we will be doing more fun stuff, so lets get on with it. Let's start out with a 'how to'. First, let's do a 'How to Make a Christmas Card'. Dude, if you haven't sent out your Christmas Cards, you HAVE to! Christmas is only in 14 days, so read below to find a fun way to make CHRISTMAS CARDS!

How to make a Christmas Card!!!

Alrighty, for this I will talk in BLACK :). With a Christmas Card you really don't want to over do it but you don't want to under do it. Okay! So first, gather around a table. You will need Red Paper and Green Paper too, so if you don't have that, ask your parent or watcher if they can take you to the store real quick! Okay, so let's do the Green Paper first. Fold the Green Paper in a normal card way, and then fold the Red Paper in a normal card way. Take the Red Paper and slip it inside the Green Card. That way you have double cards. The outside should be Green, the inside should be Red.
Then, take scissors and cut the corners off (only a small amount, don't do it too much!) and take Red and Green, or plain black, or Pink and Green Colored Pencils, and write ''Remember the reason for the Season, Merry Christmas!'' on the front of it. NEXT, draw a Snowman in the corner of it. Make him small and cute though :) On the inside of it, write in plain black ''I wish you Peace and Happiness, have a Joyful Christmas!'' or whatever Christmas Quote you have in mind. Then draw like a ribbon or something going around the quote. AND on the plain page, ask your parents to take a family picture or just a picture of you and your siblings, and then you can tape it to the card and then ship it out! :)

LOL, well that's the best way I got to make Christmas Cards! Guys, how about some simple Christmas Recipes you can make with your family? But remember, ALWAYS have your family help you with this, enjoy!


Red and Green Cookies!

(Ask your parents or watchers to make the cookies)
Take Red Sprinkles and sprinkle them on top of Cookies.
Take Green Sprinkles and sprinkle them on top of Cookies.
(Said and done! Simple!)

Merry Cakemas!

(Once again, ask your parents or watchers to make the cake)
When making the cake batter, take red food coloring and dump as much as it as you can into the batter.
Also take green food coloring and dump as much as you can into the cake batter.
Mix it up.


Haha, as you can see those were very simple recipes! :) Now how about some more MUSIC?

Christmas Song

Christmas Song

Christmas Song

Christmas Song
Now wasn't that cute!!! Hmm, how about some more Quotes?

''Christmas Waves A Magic Wand across the World, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful''.

''You may think it's too early to wish you a merry christmas, if that is so, then you are wrong. Merry Christmas!''.

''They looked up and saw a star''.

''Screw Santa Claus, give me my Saviour!''.

Well guys. 14 more days!!! Remember that!!!

So take this wish.
And Grant it.
And always...

Remember the reason for the season!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!