Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why winter is fun and stupid at the same time!

LOL considering I am from Maine, I never go a year without having a white Christmas! I also never go a Winter without having Blizzards and three feet of snow on the ground. It's crazy. That's the best part about living in Maine. It's always snowy, cold, but yet fun and safe! So guys, I love Winter. But Winter does have some bad parts to it aswell! The good parts are that you can go SLEDDING (who doesn't wanna go sledding?) and you can play in the snow and make snowmen and have snowball fights. Plus, the view is beautiful. If you live in Texas, Maine, Tennessee, any country-ish state, you will see so many mountains and in winter it's just amazing. The bad parts are that it is FREEZING COLD! And that you have to stay inside alot. And it takes like thirty minutes to get bundled up to go out! And the snow gets in your eyes.
Well guys, I suppose the GOOD parts win though. Because there are more fun stuff in Winter then there is for Bad parts! Plus, it's Christmas season. How can you not love Christmas Season?