Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Questions from friends.

1. Do you believe in God or Santa?: I believe in God!!!

2. Do you decorate your house in the major colors, Red and Green?: No I do not. Over here we decorate our house with PINK AND GREEN. Or we decorate it with red. LOL my mom never cared much for Red and Green together!

3. Do you have a Star or Angel on top of your Tree?: Angel, defiantly!

4. Is your Christmas Tree big or small or medium size?: Well, it's pretty big and wide :D. And there are six people in my family. But like really fiffteen, including the pets we have! LOL so...basically big. :).

5. What do you do on Christmas?: Um, I think I already answered this question in the older ones. Okay but I'll tell you again. Well, all of us wake up at around 5:00 am, we go out into the Livingroom and I wait with my siblings until my parents get up (well were waiting we just watch our presents in glory) then our parents take pictures of us well we open our gifts, we also get our pets presents too! After about two hours of opening presents, we play around with our gifts and run around the house with them and thank our parents and everything. THEN we usually have a huge breakfast. And then we get back to playing with our gifts, then we invite family and friends over for Christmas Dinner and we eat a huge dinner! It is so much fun!

6. What do you do on Christmas Eve?: I think I answered this before too but okay here's what we do on Christmas EVE..again. LOL, and my dad works on Christmas Eve but I wish he would stay home :( Well we usually go out and buy these big oversized T-shirts, right? And when we get home we paint them in Christmas-Colors and wear them to bed that night, so when we wake up, we have Christmas Pajamas on!

7. Do you have a hard time sleeping on Christmas Eve Night?: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. What do you eat for Christmas Dinner?: Egg Nog, Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Juice, Soda, Patatoes, Green Bean Caserole...

9. What do you do if you can't sleep on Christmas Eve Night?: LOL I can be sneaky. Sometimes I get up to just take a quick peek at the Gifts, and then run back to my room. LOL.

10. What do you think when you first see the gifts under the tree all wrapped up?: I think ''Don't open them yet, Sharayah, don't do it! don't don't!'' because seriously. Sometimes it makes me feel like I am gonna go out of control and rip them open, I'm such a Christmas Freak!