Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer is here!!!

Hey all!

I am sooo excited for school to be out...six more days! The weather has been pretty good, and I'm still preparing for summer! This summer I'll be going to Church Activities, Swimming in my pool, ect... And school will be gone until September 8th! Yaaaaaaaay!

O-M-G! Sorry about not posting...I'm losing followers but ugh now that it's *almost* summer and I'm trying to finish my schoolwork up within these six days I have left, I've been too busy to get on blogger!
Anywho, I'm finally feeling better!!!
Well this"ll probably be my last post...till June or July, so I'll get on then! (btw I'm probably going to New York in July so yeah !)

bye bye! I hope that in June/July I'll have the same amount of awesome followers ! =] if not then...welllll that's okiee I guess I'll have to get used to the wonderful world of BLOGGING! Lol kidding...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Stupid cold! Fun trip, not good feelings!

We went to Portland ME last Friday! I woke up EXTREMELY sick! We left at 8, arrived at 11, we shopped and ate basically. Only I was and still am seriously sick! Have a feeling I'll be at the doctors this Monday cause I think I have Bronchititis or something more then an cold :( oh well...
Anywho, I got some brand name clothing at the Mall and some at Thrift Stores! We went to an buffet and you should of seen my brothers plate, talk about whipped cream!!!! Yuck !!! Okay so yeah it was alot of fun :):):)
so tomorrow I'm not going to Sunday School cause of being sick. :/ life sucks at time
Post later, see yah.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May! happy May!

Anywho, I just want to say Happy May! May God Bless You and your awesome families! :):):) I only have 2 weeks left of School!! Ahhhh! So happy it's almost done! :P I love to learn and all but I'm getting tireddd ugh and School is getting boring but yeah :):):):):):)

But yup, by the way, I'll have something exciting to post this Saturday (if I get a chance to get on, if not Sunday but most likely Saturday) because were going someplace awesome this Friday for the day and it's very far away! :D if my parents bring there cameras, I'll post pictures maybe ! :P

love you all! God Bless every one of my followers :P enjoy the May Weather! Luv yah!!