Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Where I got the name 'Love at first bite'.

Hey guys!
Okay so I'm new here. And your probably wondering 'Who's that chick with the user name of 'Love at first bite'?' LOL. Well I do love TWILIGHT and I have a MAJOR crush on this guy named Jack (until my BFF told him I adored him, not good!) and in Breaking Dawn they fall inlove and get married and well she's having her baby, he bites her. OH MY FREAKIN GOSH THAT SCENE IN BREAKING DAWN THE MOVIE WILL BE. SO. HOT! lol.
So basically, if you were confused, here:

My Crush, Jack+Edward from Twilight= 'LOVE' at first bite.
Breaking Dawn+Ed bites Bella- Love at first 'BITE'.
Twilight+First time he sees her= Love at FIRST bite.

LOL yeah. And I got it from my friend. :) see how clever-lishes I am? hahahahahaha!