Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sick...around Christmas season, and telling you about everything.

Guys, I'm so sorry I have not posted all day long. I love you guys and here is a quick shoutout to ALL the brand new followers: Thank you guys, you have helped out alot! I have followed you all back and I love you all. Bless You, Merry Christmas!
Anywho. I am suffering a Cold right now, not just a Cold, I think it might be the Flu. And bad news: I have a Sinus Infection. Don't worry, I'll be fine, it's just that I hate that I don't feel well 8- well really 7- days before Christmas :O. Pray for me you guys!
Anywho, well my parents have gone CHRISTMAS SHOPPING for the first time just yesterday. And Saturday they are going to go to the MALL to shop this time! Then they are going to wrap the presents and put them under the tree. And then we just wait! Hmm what else. Ah yes, we have our Christmas Dinner all planned out. It'll be so GOOD AND YUMMY!
And Christmas Vacation starts on Christmas Eve...I cannot wait! Today and tomorrow we are having a light day of School, considering I am sick. ***HOMESCHOOLED*** hahaha.
Well guys. That's it for now.
Your all Blessings to me.
Merry Christmas, 7 days,

Posted at 11:00 PM.