Monday, March 15, 2010

Update on blog :):)

Hey guys ! !
It's time for a update on my blog, considering I have nothing to do :).

It has been prettyyyy hot out lately and it's not even Spring yet! Hehe. I'm in shorts, flipflops, and tee shirts already. It's been between 45-60 degrees out lately, and I love it. Pretty soon I'll be at the Cascade Park (it's a huge park with a HUGE hill, two water falls, alot of trails, a small forest, and a bridge and a few tables you can eat at ) Can't wait!
I have a WEBSITE! Here:

This week or next week I'm gonna be at the movie theater seeing Alice In Wonderland. I told my BFF, Denise, that and she's just like ''jeez your going without me! HOW DARE YOU!'' I love rubbing it in her face :):):) I know right haha I'm so mean :P IN YOUR FACE DENISE !! ! ! ! ! ! :)

Anywho, my little cousin James is officially here for the next million hours...soooo yeah. :( And I got my glasses, btw! Not really yet, but I picked them out. There PURPLE and BLACK and super cute! I'll have to take a picture of them when I get them and post it on my blog!
Don't forget to check out my website, btw..

Sorry I can't post that much today. :(. My birthday is in April though! I'm so excited, hoping I get a iPod Touch, I've always wanted one!!!!

By the way, before I go...My laptop stopped working :( Just last Monday, it stopped working. I won't be able to post regualary like I do (this is why I want a iPod Touch so I'll be able to get on the internet and post more often again :O) so I'll have to use the big computer in the other room for now. But I'll still be posting blogs !!!!

BTW, I watched 2012 just yesterday- loved it! Excellent movie, great graphics, but too long. LOL.

Okay, bye bye!