Monday, March 22, 2010

Teen Girl Daybook-Week 12- 3 days late!!!

Sorry guys!!! I'm doing my Teen Girl Daybook on Monday today, mainly because I've been sick and tired the past few weeks so I couldn't get on the laptop! Okay, so lets do this:

Date: March 22nd 2010.

Starting time: 10:05AM.

Mood: Sick, KINDA happy, tired.

Outside my window: Gloomy sky and no snow :(

I'm thinking: About getting rest tonight :(

I'm reading: 'The Wanderer'.

I'm listening to: Some movie trailer playing on the TV...I don't know which movie it is, I'm being lazy right now.

I'm wearing: Pink baggy pajamas.

Yesterday, I: Went to Church/Youth Group even though I'm sick.

I'm excited for: My birthday this April 16th.

I'm sad because: I'm sick.

I'm hungry for: Ew nothing right now.

The song stuck inside my head is: ''And He shall rein forever, He shall rein forever, and He shall rein forever and ever, Our God''.

I want: To get better.

I love: YOU!!!

I hate: Medicine and sneezing and having a stuffy nose :(

This week, my goal is: To sleep. And sleep.

Did I meet last weeks goal?: HECK NO. I was too busy sleeping, dude!

Ending time: 10:13 AM.

alright, now I'm going back to sleep!