Friday, March 5, 2010

Teen Girl Daybook- Week 10.

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Date... March 5th 2010

Starting time... 9:40 PM

Mood... annoyed, but still pretty happy.

Outside my window... SUN!!! a few piles of melting snow, the grass is a bright green color, an apartment across the road, cars going by.

I'm thinking... Should I? Or should I not?

I'm reading... The Waunderer.

I'm listening to... My Mom talk on the phone, the TV, my dog barking in the other room.

I'm wearing... Dude! I'm not dressed yet, I have a pajama baggy top on and pajama bottoms. haha.

Yesterday, I... Um, stayed home??? Went to a Doctors Appointment???

I'm excited for... Easter Sunday in April!

I'm sad because... My friend wont be at Youth Group this upcoming Sunday :(

I'm hungry for... Not hungry, I just had toast and I'm drinking a soda right now.

The song stuck inside my head is... Do ya-Jump5.

I want... my dog to stop eating out of the sink!Yuck!

I love... Sierra Mist 'Cranberry Splash' soda.

I hate... School-Days!

This week, my goal is...To have fun!

Did I mention last week's goal?... Nope.

Ending time...9:47AM