Thursday, March 11, 2010

Something you have never known about me...ever


Okay, so there has been a deep dark secret all along...well not evil. But the evil 'truth'. You saw my pictures and you know I have brunette hair but, guess what? YOU WERE WRONG! Well, not entirely wrong. But still, YOU WERE HALF WRONG!
You see, my Cousin (when she was younger) had red hair. But my brother, Sam, right now has bright red hair.
So I was turning around in the parking lot, it was a bit windy today, and so my hair was blowing around everywhere. Like, if you have really long hair you know what I mean when it's a windy day out :) Its EVERYWHERE! Anyway, my Mom said to me ''I noticed you have alot of red high lights, I didn't notice that until you got out in the sunlight''.
But you see, I love red hair. I want to dye it when I'm older, but I was like over joyed when she said my hair had some red in it in the sun. I'm like ''OH MY GOSH! YOUR KIDDING ME, RIGHT??? YAY OH MY GOSH I'M SO HAPPY'' and as usual, was bouncing around the parking lot (Yes, I do that quite often. happiness :/)
So that was the truth...
Yes, I know I am so bored I post about my hair.
MY CAT IS IN THE ROOM RIGHT NOW, HE'S VERY COOL :) Lol that was odd. He has red hair too though so I love him :) Just kidding.

P.S. The second evil truth is that I'm clumsier then I seem. I run into walls ALL the time and I always fall face down when I run. Hahaha I know right, and I wobble all the time too. ECPESIALLY WHEN I'M TIRED, I AM EVERYWHERE! Although I am active...
LIONS, AND TIGERS, AND BEARS, OH MY! Well jeez Dorothy shut up and fight these vicious animals :P Just kidding.

Well that was random...