Friday, March 12, 2010

Teen Girl Daybook week 12- R.I.P Layla Grace

Hey guys!
Friday!!! Yay the best day of the week! And that means 'Teen Girl Daybook' but sadly, I have another announcement to make. Some of you may know and some of you have may not known, but I just found out that one of my friend's I used to follow on Twitter (I don't have Twitter anymore, I'm a Facebook gal but anyway) had just lost her baby girl named 'Layla Grace' who was only 2 years old. R.I.P little Layla :(

But anyway, here we go:

Date: March 12th 2010

Starting Time: 1:20 PM

Mood: So excited and happy

Outside my window: SNOW IS GONE, YAY! The sun is high and the grass is green :D

I'm thinking about: Seeing a movie next week at the movie theater, eating my favorite food, cleaning my room.

I'm reading: Alice In Wonderland, baby! hahaha

I'm wearing: Rolled up jean shorts and a black Twilight tee shirt.

Yesterday I: Did absoloutly postiviely nothing but sleep and eat. I was sick yesterday so I was really tired but I'm better now :P praise the Lord haha

I'm excited for: Seeing a movie next week and going to a restraunt !

I'm sad because:

I'm hungry for: Nothing I ate a sandwhich already haha

The song stuck in my head is: uhhhh, Collide by Krystal Meyers.

I want: To shop. Haha

I love: books n movies n stuff.

I hate: CLEANING MY ROOM!!! ahahaha

This week my goal is to: make sure my room is clean...

Did I meet my goal of last week: nope hahaha

Ending time: 1:36pm

Alrighty, now time to get back to cleaning my room like I was SUPPOSED to be doing all this time but I met my blogger needs. hahahaha my room is a mess sooooo boohoo :P anywho hahaha ttyl


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