Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Telling you about everything :D.

Ahhh! Sunday was great! Well, we couldn't go to the Morning Service because it was SOOOOOOOO SNOWY that day. But we did go to Youth Group! We left at about 4:00, and arrived at about 4:30. We sat in the hallway at the benches, and then the Sign Up people came in and flicked the lights on, soooo yeah. We signed ourselves into Youth Group (Thrive) and we ordered our food. I got Spicy Chicken Burger, Coke, and Sun Chips! We all sat together but I got to sit at a table alone with my BFF (Denise) my sister (Ashley) annnnnd my sister's friend (Jazzemine) you see, when the lights flicker at our Youth Group, it means the little kids have to go upstairs (for ages 3-9 they have this thing upstairs for little kids to stay at well the older ones are downstairs at the real youth group) so then Jazzemine and Ashley had to go upstairs. Me and Denise are too old to go upstairs to the Little Kid Youth Group now so we stay downstairs. After eating, we walked around the place and waundered to the game room. We played a game of Air Hockey in the game room. Until one of the workers said ''Young Ladies, time to get done'' so we had to go. Me and Denise sat in the front of the place. A worker gave us a worksheet (they give you the answers on the screen at our Youth Group) and we sang for about thirty minutes with the Youth Singers, then we prayed, listened to the Youth Pastor talk, sang again, prayed once again, did our papers, and then we left at about 7:30? This is what we do EVERY Sunday for Youth Group. Eat, play games, hang out with friends, listen to the Youth Pastor talk, sing, pray, ect... BUT guess what?
Me and Denise were passing notes and didn't pay much attention to the Pastor talking...hehehe...sooooo now we have to pay more attention. Before I get my butt kicked :/.

Yuck! I absoloutly HATE Monday's. But oh well. It was the first day of School, so I had to spend a hour doing booooring School and then that was it. We sat around the house, ate, watched TV...Yeah. Monday's at my house are not exactly 'fun'. The worst part is, I couldn't sleep in! I had to get up at 9:30 AM! Wah wah wah!

Basically the same as Monday....

This was a little funner! I got to sleep in, spend a hour doing Schoolwork. But then we went Food Shopping for, like, three hours. Then just me and my mommy left and we bought some leggings, drinks, food, ect... the best part is, we got to talk!!! We also went to the bank...even though the bank isn't all that 'fun'. LOL.