Saturday, January 30, 2010

Any ideas?.

Hey guys.
So tomorrow I'm clearing off my whole shelf of books (Oh Lordy, I read them all!) and I am off to Borders to buy new books. I dunno. I don't really care what I read, as long as it's interesting. I might just go into the Young Adult section and toss random books into the cart. LOL that's how much of a Bookworm I am!
But any of you guys know any interesting fiction books for maybe like Young Adults or something...? I'm in the tenth grade reading level, so I pretty much can read alot of things.
Thanks to anyone that helped me. You're the best! :D



ApachesPrincess said...

You should for sure try "Need" by Carrie Jones and also "Impossible" by Nancy Werlin. I also LOVED "Seven Tears Into the Sea" by Terri Farley! Hope you find something good :) Oh, have you read the "Private" series by Kate Brian? Those are amazing!

Sharayah said...

Hey! Thanks for suggestion these books :D. No, I have not read these books, but I will try to find them. I'll read anything, so :D.

Lots of Love