Sunday, January 10, 2010

Everything and anything.

Yes!!! It's Sunday!!! And you know what that means? BLOGGING TIME!
Anywhoooo. I know it's been sooooo long! But this week has driven by for me. :P so today we went to Church/Youth Group. Yep, that's it.
Okay, so what to blog about now? Hmmm. Well, today I have something fun. My friend was quizzing me the other day. And it's called...
''Unleash your secret''.
This quiz is so fun. And you have my permission to steal it and do it on your blog too. LOL. Well. Happy reading! :P.

1. Do you sleep with a special stuffed animal?: Yesh, indeed I do. A bunny that I call 'Bun Buns'. I know. But in your face because I ruleeee! Yeaaaaah! LOL Im kidding. But seriously. GO BUNNY! (LoL)

2. Have you ever been baptised?: Nope and I love not being able to get wet :P. but I still love Goddddd! Duh!

3. Have you ever cut you hair?: YES!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA. I WAS FIVE YEARS OLD AT THE TIME! SEE HOW BRAVE AND EVIL I WAS??? lol *evil laugh*

4. D0 you wear socks with sandles?: Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Noooo!

5. Have you ever kissed a guy?: Mmmm. LOL okay well no I havent. But I wanna kiss my crush :P.

6. What is the name of your BIGGEST Crush?: Jordan.

7. How old do you act in private?: You mean, like, in my bedroom or something? About 5.

W00T! Those were quite odd questions. Anyway. I have the best news EVA'!!!! This January 19th, I will be going to the Eye Doctor to get my eyes tested! Then on the 20th I will be shipped off to the Eye Glasses shop and grab a pair of glasses. Then soon I will get to go and get my glasses! Not that you care or anything. lol.

OH, OH, OH! DID I MENTION MY NEW HAIRCUT? DID IIII? lol anyway, I'm going to be getting this so cool haircut. I'm going to have a long full fringe (bangs straight across my face), a few inches cut off (NOT THAT MUCH! ONLY ABOUT 4 INCHES!), long layers (layer layer layer! ), tapered (short on the top, long in the back :P), and last but not least, WHISKS! (cute peices of hair whisked in) Once I get it done, I 'll show you a pic of it, kay?

Okay. Yadadadadada. I suppose you'll be blinded if you read anymore of this. But, I'm going to make you read farther! hehehehehehe I'm so nice, you know?
ANYWAY. I have a new 'January' tagline now! Here it is:

January 2010 tagline.
''I love my enemies''.

You think ''Why do you love your enemies?''. Well, there are many reasons to love your enemies!
Reason one: God wants you to love everything (THAT INCLUDES THE PEOPLE THAT JUDGE YOU AND HATE YOU, BUT YOU DONT HATE BACK!!!!!! :P) so if you dont love your enemies...LOOOOOOVE THEM.
Reason two: They make you stronger. They call you a fat mean idiot, and inside you boil up and beat them down. :P. lol no Im kidding, seriously, I am.

Mwala. That isn't exactly 'many' reasons but whatever.
Well, anyway, love you guys!!!


''I love my enemies''.