Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh, Glory to God! It's Saturday!

Hello to all!

First of all. I want to thank ALL of my new followers- and old ones!- and my lovely sister for helping me. (No really, I love you guys! :P) has been ALOT of fun! We went out shopping and we went to Texas Road House. Yum, yum!
Anyway. Happy Saturday! Hahahaha tomorrow is Sunday. Church and Youth Group! Yayayayayayay! I know I'm crazy about Sundays. Love em'!
Ooooh. And did I mention the Dance on the 12th of Febuary? My Dad STILL hasn't gotten the tickets! Ahhh! Hopefully he's not too late to get them!
Hmmm...and did I mention today's favorite food? MUSHROOOOOOOMS!
Oh my gosh! I'm serious. Sure it's a fungus. But a edible fungus. LOL. Mmmmm, how many of you like mushrooms? Today at texas road house my Mom had mushroom and onions smothered all over her juicy steak....but me? I just had chicken fingers and fries. LOL. Ooooh and rasberry iced tea. I know right, I'm so full right now!
I just realized that I have a obsession with blogger. Hahahaha looks like I won't be leaving my blog anytime soon! Not plannin' on it, sorry!
Wow. Does my blog today even make sense? I talked about Church, Saturday, Texas Road House, Followers, and my Obsession With Blogger. Hmmm and did I mention I read 5 books last night? Well. Yeah. I'm a bookworm :O Help!!!!!! lol.
I feel energetic....:P. But that is why I'm awesome!


~Sharayah <3 <3 <3