Friday, February 26, 2010

Teen Girls Daybook Week 8.

Yippee! Yahoo! Hallelujah! Week 8 of the 'Teen Girl Daybook'. Oh yah, here we go:

Date: Febuary 26th 2010.

Starting Time: 11:25 AM.

Mood: Frustrated and don't know what I want (Tell you why later)

Outside my window: Clouds covering the entire sky, dark, piles of snow covering the ground.

I'm thinking: Private School or Homeschooled?

I'm reading: The Bible. Again.

I'm listening to: The TV playing 'The Cosby Show' in the livingroom, Mom and brother talking, water running from the kitchen.

I'm wearing: Black baggy tee shirt and blue long sweatpants with purple slippers. Today is a 'Stay Home Day'.

Yesterday I: Stayed home.

I'm excited for: Easter,

I'm sad because: The house is loud and driving me nuts. Wait, am I even sad??? lol

I'm hungry for: Not hungry, I had candy just like 10 minutes ago.

The song stuck in my head is: Caught myself by Paramore.

I want: To be with friends.

I love: God

I hate: Not knowing what I want...

This week my goal is: ???

Did I meet my goal of last week: Nope

Ending time: 10:11 am.