Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hey guys!

Today was so much fun. Okay, I'll tell you every detail. I woke up by my dumb dog, Jack, eating my chips becide my bed (LOL) at 8:45 AM...ugh I was groggy. Then I got up, yawned, went out in the livingroom and saw my Mom and Dad out.
Dad asked me ''Do you want to go out to breakfast?''.
And I said ''Yes''.
So I threw on some black skinny jeans, plaid ugg boots, black shirt, and my white jacket and left with Dad. We went to Governors and got to go to the buffet. I got a chocolate milk, bacon, french toast, eggs, and so so so much more! After eating, we went home. After one hour of waiting for my Mom to get ready, we left to 'Hands of Hope' thrift store. We found this awesome red dress, I tried it on in the dressing room...but sadly, it didn't fit :(. So then, we got this similar black and purple dress, and tada! It fit. It has these bow things and it shows off your shoulders...but that's okay :D (This whole 'dress' thing is for the Dance on Febuary 12th)
Then, I tried on some pants (really long bootcut black and white jeans) and they fit. So we got those. Then I got this button up shirt and got that. My family each got something :) Then we went to the MALL.
We looked at dishwashers and other boring stuff into Sears at the Mall (:P) then, we went into PAYLESS SHOE SOURCE!!!! Yay! And we found me and my Mom some awesome high heels. After that, we went to Debs and I found a brand new plaid jacket that I really wanted. I thought it was 16.99$ But when I got to the register, it was 26.99$ But that's okay. Because my Dad helped me all I have to do is pay him back hehehe. (But the jacket was NOT a ripoff, it was zip-up, with a little bit of white and blue plaid in it, and the rest was pink and brown, it also has lots of pockets) But the jacket was originally 52$, so we had a good deal :D.
After that, we got a BRAND NEW Dishwasher and my Dad put it in today :D.
So yah. That was my day. Shopping...Shopping...Shopping...!!!