Friday, February 12, 2010

Teen Girl Daybook- week 5.

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Date... Febuary 12th 2010.

Starting time... 12:50 PM.

Mood... happy.

Outside my window... it's all snowy and there is an apartment across the street, cars going by.

I'm thinking... Hermon mountain trip at my CHURCH this upcoming Febuary 19th where you ski and slide...oh yah.

I'm reading... nothing at the moment.

I'm listening to... my mom and brother in the other room.

I'm wearing... black leggings, purple and black tarten plaid mini dress, purple slippers.

Yesterday, I... was on the computer all day long. lol.

I'm excited for... CHURCHHH.

I'm sad because... we couldn't go to the dance :(

I'm hungry for... nothing I just ate

The song stuck inside my head is... Lalalalalaalalalalala- by me.

I want... CANDY!!!

I love... God.

I hate...the Devil.

This week, my goal eat healthier.

Did I mention last week's goal?... yeah.

Ending time... 12:54 pm.


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Stephanie said...

You've received a Valentine's Day present over at my blog! =D