Monday, February 8, 2010

Clothing Style TAG POST.

Hey guys. I got this awesome tag post by my frieeeeend and its about clothing and style and yah hope you guys enjoy answering the questions!!! :D here:

1. Skinny jeans or flare jeans?: SKINNY. Or bootcut, perhaps.

2. Do you like graphic tees?: It depends....

3. What is your favorite store?: Hot Topic, Debs, JCPenney, or Macy's.

4. Do you prefer the Preppy look or Gothic look?: GOTH GOTH GOTH GOTH GOTH!!!

5. The Mall or the thrift store?: Thrift store but mostly the Mall :D.

6. Do you wear makeup?: Yeah!!! some eyeshadow and mascara and lipgloss and blush and foundation and yada yada yada. Hahahahahaha.

7. What is your style like?: PLAID or something.

8. Do you wear designer clothes?: Nope.

9. What type of shoes are you addicted to?: I'd have to say Converse, Heels, Ugg Boots, and Flats.

10. Do you like dresses?: It depends on the dress. Casual dresses? HECK YAH!

11. What type of plaid do you prefer?: Tartan or buffalo.

12. What is your designer nickname? (Designer nickname is something that begins with the first letter of your name and you may make one up if you want :D): Stylish Sharayah :D.

I tag: