Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer is here!!!

Hey all!

I am sooo excited for school to be out...six more days! The weather has been pretty good, and I'm still preparing for summer! This summer I'll be going to Church Activities, Swimming in my pool, ect... And school will be gone until September 8th! Yaaaaaaaay!

O-M-G! Sorry about not posting...I'm losing followers but ugh now that it's *almost* summer and I'm trying to finish my schoolwork up within these six days I have left, I've been too busy to get on blogger!
Anywho, I'm finally feeling better!!!
Well this"ll probably be my last post...till June or July, so I'll get on then! (btw I'm probably going to New York in July so yeah !)

bye bye! I hope that in June/July I'll have the same amount of awesome followers ! =] if not then...welllll that's okiee I guess I'll have to get used to the wonderful world of BLOGGING! Lol kidding...