Friday, April 23, 2010

Random crazy post again


Be afraid...oh yes be VERY afraid...

Because guess what?
I'm gonna be a PILOT!!
That is, in like ten years, anyway!! Hahaha I mean they'd hire me, only because I'm so awesome, they'd be blind...and willing to face just a feeeeeew plane attacks, but yeah!
Speaking of which, I was running up some stairs today and tripped UP the stairs!! that even possible?
Oh yes and my jerky brother just came in to try a bracelet on me, I said "Its about time you get it to fit" he says "why do you care, it's not even yours". It's like...then how will you know if it'll fit whoever it is your making it for? Obviously they have bigger arms, considering I'm like reaaaaaally small...IMMMMM SMALLLLLlL!!
I make no sense when I talk usually!! HOT POCKETTTTT!! mmm yummy!!!


Ronald Garner said...

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