Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Top ten Christian songs.

Cassie (Flyleaf): ''Do you believe in God? Written on the bullet. Say yes to pull the trigger.''

Unbreakable (Fireflight): ''God, I want to dream again, take me where I've never been.''

I'm sorry (Flyleaf): ''I am aware, of what you mean by then. I'm only ten years old''.

Fire (Krystal Meyers): ''I'm on fire, what a beautiful sight to see, I'm on fire''.

Lucy (Skillet): ''Lucy, I remember your name. Left a thousand roses, on your Grave today''.

Comatose (Skillet): ''Comatose...I'll never wake up without a over dose of you''.

Sorrow (Flyleaf): ''Sometimes life seems to quiet into paralyzing silence''.

God (Rebecca St. James): ''Can you touch, can you feel? It's God, it's God''.

Justice and Mercy (Flyleaf): ''JUSTICE and Mercy, JUSTICE and Mercy, the depth of us created for.''

Breathe Today (Flyleaf): ''You can only move, as fast as, who's in front of you''.